Sunday, January 15, 2017

The poem “stammer” deals with the present problem “demonetisation”-AMAL VARGHESE

The poem “stammer” written by Satchidanandan deals with the present problem “demonetisation”(AMAL VARGHESE)

In the present scenario stammer is our mother tongue. Because we are not presenting our ideas at the right time to the right person. Instead we are just stammering. According to the poet stammer is a common phenomenon. It is clear in the present situation. 
Let us take the case of Demonetisation the whole country is just stammering. For example:

  1. The authorities stammer for many reasons..... they dont take a clear stand on the actual situation of India and in the case of  the questions  raised on Demonetisation.
  2. The Opposition party is stammering for the actions they took against Demonetisation are not convincing and the sincerity of their objection and the questions they raised are doubtful.
  3. People stammer  while the future of their lives is in danger and some just ask the question “with whom they stand?”
No one is here without stammering. Therefore it is a common scenario.
(slightly modified by CKR )

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